Awake Organics Hands and Feet Nourishing Butter Balm in jar, perfect hands balm for hydration
Awake Organics Hands Balm packaging, highlighting the natural peppermint and Shea Butter ingredients
Rich texture of Awake Organics hands balm for deep moisturizing and nourishment
Eco-friendly packaged Awake Organics Nourishing Butter Balm, an organic hands balm solution
Application of Awake Organics Hands Balm, demonstrating the smooth and creamy texture for skin care


HK$249.00 HK$205.00
55 ml (HK$372.00 / 100ml)
SKU: 5060662270161

Made with organic peppermint to massage away tension.

  • 100% NaturalSoftens and hydrated dry hands, feet, elbows with organic Shea Butter
  • Multi-use as temple and muscle balm
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