Awake Organics A+C+E Vitamins Brightening Serum in an amber bottle on a black background
Open amber bottle of Awake Organics Brightening Serum with a dropper showing the golden serum
A dropper of Awake Organics product with drops spilling onto a white surface
Person holding an Awake Organics Brightening Serum bottle, ready to dispense the serum
Application of Awake Organics A+C+E Vitamins Brightening Serum on a woman's cheek

FA+C+E 维他命亮白精华液

HK$409.00 HK$341.00
30 ml (HK$1,136.00 / 100ml)
SKU: 5060662270048

Multi-purpose: This serum works overtime, nourishing dry cuticles, damaged nails, frizzy hair, rough skin and makes a fabulous beard oil.

  • 100% NaturalBrightens with Vitamins A+C+E from Sea Buckthorn fruit, organic Rosehip and Pumpkin oil
  • Targets discolouration and fine lines with organic Frankincense resin
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